land-managementContaminated Sites

Environmental Service & Design have a unique blend of technical and experience in contaminated site assessments.  From industrial sites requiring EPA and signoff to Due Dellegence assessment we can provide a cost effective solution.

Baseline contamination levels can be established for the production of a Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Plan for long term management of sites.

Decommissioning and removal of underground storage tanks can be completed to meet EPA and Work Place Standards requirements.


Vegetation assessments and revegetation plans can be conducted.  Our local specialist can conduct flora or fauna assessments.

Specialist Vegetation Capabilities

As required by legislation, Environmental Service and Design Pty Ltd offer the following specialist vegetation capabilities:

Vegetation surveys and assessments

Mapping vegetation communities, species identification, their conservation status, and compliance with relevant legislation.

Weed surveys, mapping & management

Site assessment, species and risk identification, mapping and management strategies.

Vegetation solutions for rehabilitation, bioremediation and fire risk management

Conceptualization of systems for phyto/bio remediation of industry wastes, design/drafting of rehabilitation plans, vegetation management recommendations to reduce fire risk.

Vegetation monitoring for biodiversity conservation

Assessment, classification and mapping of vegetation resources for conservation, choice of effective monitoring methods to establish impacts of management over time.

Management of vegetation in fire prone areas

Assessment of fuel loads, design of fire management plans for production and asset protection.

Vegetation monitoring for agriculture

Paddock assessment of dry matter production and species composition, recommendations for improvements.

wet lands planting