Our People


Rod Cooper  BSc MRACI

Principal Consultant

Rod leads the consulting team and oversees Environmental Service & Design’s major client projects. He has 25 years experience in the chemical, manufacturing and environmental remediation sectors and a proven reputation in the industry.
He has international experience of running lime neutralisation plants and wetlands in Asia and has performed process engineering and design roles in industries ranging from paper manufacture to mineral processing.

Rod has direct experience in:

  • Diagnostic processes and solution design
  • Process engineering
  • Wetland design, maintenance & modelling
  • Preparing Environment Protection Notices and other regulatory documentation
  • Contaminated Site Management Plans and DRP’s project management

Environmental Consultants

Gillian Rasmussen

Gillian comes from a background in plant science, particularly R & D, having worked for many years in the management of biotechnology and propagation and paper technology research including laboratory management for a large corporation. She has broad laboratory and field technical experience (site rehabilitation, water monitoring, plant breeding techniques, propagation technologies involving forestry species, Tasmanian natives and ornamental plants, metallurgical laboratory test work to name a few. Her experience includes business management (small business, running a tourism based not for profit incorporated body). Her expertise includes management systems setup, implementation and ongoing management (ISO 14001, ISO 9001, PC2, AS4707 and AS4708). Gillian has won a World Forestry Day Award and the University of Tasmania/ABC Radio Award for Excellence.

Mitchell Atkinson  BEnvSc

Mitchell has recently finished his final year of university studying a bachelor of environmental service. Through his course he has studied a wide range including chemistry, environmental management, forest ecosystems and data handling.  While working at Environmental Service & Design Mitchell has consolidated these skills and built on them.  Mitchell is responsible for overseeing water sampling and monitoring programs.

Samuel Smith  BEnvSC

Samuel has over three years’ experience working as an Environmental Advisor in both the liquefied natural gas and civil construction industries in Queensland.  He has been responsible for the management of several large projects which have required a high degree of environmental monitoring and planning, including regular audits and carefully structured environmental plans to minimize environmental risk.

Specific skills include:

  • Developing environmental management plans and procedures in accordance with ISO 14001
  • Water (surface and groundwater), noise and air quality monitoring
  • Erosion and sediment control implementation and management
  • Report writing and incident investigations
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Certified Asbestos Assessor

Dr Adam King PhD

Adam is a hydrogeologist with over 12 years of experience. His expansive work history is balanced by a four-year stint in academia, during which he completed his PhD. Adam’s PhD focused on the use of hydrochemistry, environmental isotopes, water level fluctuations and geological data to investigate recharge, mixing (aquifer connectivity) and surface water-groundwater interactions in a complex alluvial setting. He collaborated with scientists from some of Australia’s most respected research organisations, such as CSIRO and ANSTO. His publications are summarised below:

  • A. King, M. Raiber and M. Cox: Multivariate statistical analysis of hydrochemical data to assess alluvial aquifer-stream connectivity during drought and flood: Cressbrook Creek, southeast Queensland, Australia. Hydrogeology Journal, Vol 22 (2), pp 481-500. 2014
  • A. King, M. Raiber, M. Cox, D.Cendon and S. Hollins: Identifying flood recharge and inter-aquifer connectivity using multiple isotopes in subtropical Australia. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences (HESS), Vol 19, pp 2315-2335. 2015
  • A. King, M. Raiber, M. Cox and D. Cendon: Comparison of groundwater recharge estimation techniques in an alluvial aquifer system with an intermittent/ephemeral stream (Queensland, Australia), Hydrogeology Journal, Vol 25 (6), pp 1759-1777
  • Several conference proceedings, which were conducted in collaboration with academics from CSIRO, ANSTO and the UNSW

Adam has developed groundwater and surface water monitoring programmes for a range of industries, including mines and quarry’s, abattoirs and meat processing facilities, and heavy industries. He has also conducted groundwater resource investigations for local councils, landholders and businesses.

Specific skills include:

  • Design and installation of monitoring bore networks
  • Development of groundwater monitoring programmes
  • Evaluation of groundwater impacts from mining and industrial activities
  • Groundwater resource investigations (for groundwater supplies)
  • Development of conceptual groundwater models for a range of projects, including integration into numerical groundwater models
  • Baseline/background assessments and water quality investigations, including statistical evaluations of water quality and level data (i.e. to develop water quality objectives)
  • Interpretation of isotopic and environmental tracer data to assess groundwater interactions and mixing
  • Hydrochemical investigations
  • Groundwater Make Good Deed assessments
  • Expert witness reporting
  • Assessment of pumping test data
  • Dewatering assessments for property developments

Bruce Harpley BAppSci (EnvHlth)

Bruce has an early practical and mechanical background in aircraft engineering and maintenance.  His experience also encompasses all aspects of public and environmental health, environmental management and regulation following 16 years with both Federal and Local Government as an environmental officer.

Specific skills include:

  • Domestic on-site waste water assessment and design to AS/NZS1547-2012
  • Water and waste water sampling
  • Bushfire Attack Level Assessments and reports
  • Annual Maintenance Statement inspections and reports
  • Food safety
  • Environmental assessment
  • Site classification

Ted Kulinski  BSc (Chem)

Ted has a background in dairy and food processing, quality and environmental monitoring and sustainable environmental management.  His project experience within industry and consulting sectors include food safety assessment (HACCP), water and wastewater management, strategic environmental management support and environmental monitoring.

Specific skills include:

  • Process/Enviromental monitoring and reporting
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Environmental management systems ISO14001
  • Environmental auditing
  • Food safety evaluation
  • Preparation of Development Proposal and Environmental Management Plans
  • Contaminated site assessment and rehabilitation
  • Certified Asbestos Assessor