Environmental Service & Design

Environmental Service & Design is an engineering and environmental consultancy with an unrivaled track-record for developing and implementing sustainable urban solutions. Environmental Service & Design provide services in the environment and development areas. Formed in 2003, we are located in Tasmania, Australia and service the whole state.

Environmental Service & Design has experience and offers a range of services to our clients across the following areas:

Land Management

Land Management

Environmental Service & Design have a unique blend of technical and experience in contaminated site assessments. From industrial sites requiring EPA signoff to due diligence assessment we can provide a cost effective solution.

Baseline contamination levels can be established for the production of a Decommissioning and Rehabilitation Plan for long term management of sites.

Water Management

Water Management

Environmental Service & Design provide a low cost professional sampling service to our clients. Experienced samplers can provide an independent service measuring all physical analysis while sampling water, soil, air or noise with our own calibrated monitoring equipment.

If N.A.T.A. analysis is required we can sample to Australian Standards and dispatch to the required laboratory, meeting all N.A.T.A. requirements.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Service & Design have a number of monitoring teams fully equipped to sample and despatch results that meet all Quality Assurance and NATA requirements. All our field equipment is calibrated to Quality Assurance stipulations.


Planning & Development

ES & D provides a range of planning services from statutory planning, planning advice, planning scheme amendments, subdivision development and facilitation through to development plans.

Engineering Design

Site investigations are generally carried out for new developments, be they a subdivision, structure, earthworks, landfill or an individual residence.  The purpose of the site investigation is to assess the subsurface conditions and therefore enable determination of the most appropriate designs by an engineer or other designer.

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